Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May 1, 2013


Justin and Amy Culp

Hey everyone,  not much new is happening with us these days.  With the switch to Pioneers, we've been working hard to get our donors switched over and trying to raise the remainder of our support.  We've been doing lots of travelling!  Amy wrote this month to share what God has been laying on her heart lately, we hope to hear from you!

The concept of taking our baby to South Sudan has been a stretch of faith for me, to say the least.  Any parent with common sense would say that it’s risky.  We’ve had people get angry at us, tell us we’re being irresponsible, Justin has even had people walk out of the room during his presentation because they thought our vision was reckless.

As we were hearing all of this and looking for a new organization, we couldn’t help but wonder… “Are they right?  Is God really calling us to a nation with no real medical care for our child?”  And yet, God has never let us question our calling for long – just as we are agonizing over these questions, He has provided new supporters, reminded us of the need, and even provided a doctor as our team leader – something I have been praying vehemently for!

We have continued to walk, day by day, trusting that He will provide every need.
Finally, it hit me the other day – if we were to stay in the U.S. for our baby as many people have argued, God could just as easily discipline us by taking Ezekiel from us as He could protect Ezekiel in South Sudan.  He has called us to go.  Suddenly, the idea of staying was scarier to me than going.  Since I came to know Jesus 14 years ago, the dominating message He has given to me is that He is faithful, and He hears me when I call.  This is not to say nothing bad can happen to him, just that we trust the sovereignty and faithfulness of our God.

During the past two months we have attended a week of training with Pioneers, visited my parents and were able to give them lots of time with Ezekiel, and visited the rest of my family in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Taking time to say goodbye to our family has been an encouraging reminder that our time is drawing near, and we will be in South Sudan soon.