Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 11, 2016


          The last six weeks have been crazy with travel and speaking engagements.  First Ezekiel and I went to Mississippi for a week, then, after 14 days back home (in St. Louis) I went to Warren, Arkansas for a few days.  I got home from Warren on a Monday and on Friday we flew to Orlando to visit Pioneers’ base and try to recruit new team mates.  We got home from Orlando, and a week later we spent 4 days in Springfield, MO and now we’re back in St. Louis again.  On Monday we’re driving to Kansas City for Ezekiel and I to see a doctor, but we’re coming back on the same day, and then in less than two weeks we’re moving out of our home in St. Louis and hitting the road.  We’ll be in Columbus, GA for a couple of weeks to visit Amy’s parents and a few partnering churches in the area, and then we’re back to Orlando for a week of debriefing, speaking in Panama City, and then driving to Kansas City where we will settle for our last three months of home assignment.  I am speaking at a church in Kansas City on July 24th, flying to Orlando the next day to try and recruit more team mates, staying for 4 nights and then flying back to Kansas City to continue visiting friends and churches there.
                God is good in the midst of all of the stress and travel.  When we went to Orlando a few weeks ago, Amy told me that she wanted to take Ezekiel to Disney since we were already there. I told her that I thought it would be fun, but the parks are expensive and we’re spending all of our money just to get to Florida and back.  Amy, as unreasonable as ever (I’m saying this like it’s a good thing…you’ll see) said, “Well, I’m just going to pray that we get to go somehow.
                We got to Orlando on a Friday, and on Saturday we met with a friend who lives two hours away.  Our friend had come to visit Lohutok to see the work in South Sudan, and spent a few months there looking for ways that he could be involved and help.  When he heard that we were in Orlando, he drove two hours to hang out for the afternoon, and before he left (we never talked to him about Disney) he gave me a check, saying “Use this to take your family to Disney.”  Amy may have cried a little when I told her.  The pics in this letter are all from our day at Magic Kingdom.  God is good!
                If you are in Georgia or Kansas City and would like to come see us speak, I’ve been putting the schedule in the Prayer Calendar, or you can email me.

Justin, Amy, Ezekiel and Caleb