Project List

Sometimes people ask us if we have special projects that we're trying to have done.  Here is a list of current projects that we are trying to raise money to finish!

Water Pump/Tower/Storage Room/Car Park
           Pump: $3000                                    Building: $4000
Many of you helped us finish our well project.  There were some extra gifts that came in that are going toward this.  Now that the well is drilled, we’ll work on a way to get water out of that well!  The next step is to buy a pump to go down the well, and then we’ll build a small tower to put a water tank on top of.  We’re going to combine that building project with another need we have, which is outside storage and a covered place to park our vehicles to keep them out of the elements and help them last longer.  We feel like it would be easy enough (and cheaper) to meet all three of these needs with one building!

House Painting
 Cost: $1000 
When we first moved to Lohutok, it didn’t seem very important to spend money painting our house.  There were so many other things that needed to be done just to make living easier/possible, that painting wasn’t even on the list!  Now that we’ve been in the house for a couple of years, we think it’s time.  A big part of feeling “at home” and rested on a regular basis (in my opinion) is having a home that feels like home, so now we are praying for the money to buy paint for the inside and outside of our house.  $1000 is enough for all of the undercoat and paint, transporting the paint from Uganda to Lohutok, and paying workers to help with the painting.

Front Bumper Winch
Cost: $2000
Many of the unreached areas that we are trying to visit regularly are hard to get to because of muddy roads.  We’ve made regular visits during the dry season, but when the rains are here, getting stuck on the road is a common reality.   Having a winch on the front of the LandCruiser would be a great help for getting unstuck in these situations.

Solar Panels
Cost: $2100
Right now we’re running a generator a few times a week to charge the batteries that power our house.  The generator is necessary in the rainy season on days when there is no sun, but a more economical power source would be to have adequate solar panels to provide power for the batteries.  To buy four 24V 250watt panels would cost about $2000 and the wires from the panels to the charge controller (about $10/meter) costs $100.

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