Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28, 2015

February 28, 2015

February has been a month of waiting and trusting God. Usually I try to start off my newsletters with a cool story, but this month I just don’t have one! Back in December we went to Uganda for a few weeks to get some work done on the car and have a little rest. The day that we were supposed to leave for home Ezekiel came down with Pneumonia and Croup and had to be admitted to the hospital. We spent two extra weeks in Uganda and then, by the time we got home we had two weeks before we had to go to a Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning training back in Uganda. What are we supposed to do in two weeks?!

I spent the first week going out to the villages and letting people know I was back, and then on Thursday I got an email. There is a family who wants to come to Lohutok to translate the Bible, and the only time that worked for them to come have a visit was in four days! So, we hosted Ryan and Kim Puterbaugh and one of their co-workers, Leah, for a week and then the day after they left we went to Uganda.

I’m as task-oriented as they come and all of this traveling around and being off-task is frustrating at the start, but the security training was a huge blessing and definitely needed. We learned some new tools for dealing with everything from traffic stops to terrorism, and we feel way more confident about being here and staying out of trouble. We also got to meet some great people living in Northern Uganda who are basically doing the same thing that we’re doing among the Lopit!

I’m writing this newsletter from Kitgum (in Uganda) and we’re headed home tomorrow. When we go back it will be my introduction into doing this discipleship ministry without having Chuck around to help! Please pray that we make it home safely, and that God gives us a good transition back into discipleship and language learning.


Justin, Amy and Ezekiel