Friday, November 27, 2015

November 27, 2015

November 27, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I (Justin) decided to make a trip to Uganda. For various reasons, the work of discipleship in the villages had come to a stop, and Paul had to spend some time in Juba getting paperwork for his job so I didn’t have much work to do. One of our friends in Lohutok needed some things brought back from Kampala and offered to pay for the trip, so I agreed to help him.
I left early in the morning, made it across the border into Uganda, and found that they were doing some nice work on the road. I took the detour around a few places where they were burying drainage tunnels in the road, and then passed by a few that were finished. I was driving around 40mph and came over a hill to find what looked like another trench. There was no warning before the hill, and when I tried to stop quickly the antilock brakes engaged, so I quickly tried to dodge the trench and make the detour ‘ramp’ but by then it was too late, and I drove into the hole, about 2 meters deep, at 40mph.

It’s been quite the adventure since then. What was supposed to be a 6 day trip with 2 in Kampala has turned into more than 2 weeks while waiting to get the vehicle fixed. We were able to remove the bumper and drive the vehicle the remaining 300 miles to Kampala where I have someone I trust to do the work. Fortunately Amy and Ezekiel weren’t with me.

Now, we’re planning to come to Uganda at the end of December to start our journey back to the US for Home Assignment, and it seems that when I get back to Lohutok we’ll only have about two weeks before we have to come back again! Amy is flying to Kampala but Ezekiel and I will drive down. We need the vehicle in Uganda for some other repairs, but with Amy being 6 months’ pregnant, we don’t want her bouncing around for 2 days on the African roads.

Will you pray that God provides what we need to pay for the truck to be repaired, that we finish the rest of our traveling safely, that Amy is encouraged and sustained while she’s home alone with Ezekiel waiting for me to get back?


Justin Culp